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Archive of Many Outdoor Scenes (AMOS)


AMOS: The Archive of Many Outdoor Scenes

I worked on this project the bulk of my sophomore year of college. I reached out to a professor at the time and he allowed me to work on AMOS. It has been a very rewarding experience.


The Archive of Many Outdoor Scenes (AMOS) is a collection of long-term time lapse imagery from publicly accessible outdoor web cams around the world. This research focuses on exploring how to use these images to learn about the world around us and understanding changes in natural environments and how people use public spaces. This project was built from the ground up using a Python web framework Flask. The dataset contains over 7,000 publicly accessible webcams and over 1,000,000 images.


The code is public on Github for those who want to see and improve upon our research. The link to the website is located here

Skills Implemented

Python Flask, Threading, OpenCV, Numpy, PostgreSQL, HTML/CSS


I no longer maintain the codebase, but the person in charge is Dr. Robert Pless at GW.